Thursday, September 29, 2011

goodbye my friend


it has been like ages since i posted anything in this blog , now its getting dustier than ever .haha, gosh i miss writing for my blog so much ,lately i've been so busy with studies and all and even my room is so messy that if you were in you would like to just turn back and run, haha.

on 25 september 2011, is the end of my day at uitm melang.i think i will feel very happy about that but its was vice versa. im really miss that place very much.miss went to abg nano tomyam,econsave,sotong goreng warung,aj, and so what ever place.althought kuala pilah at negeri sembilan near at my house but still take one hour 2 go there and its seems to far for me because i will never see my friend again.especially "geng grien geng" (kak mas, wany, n kak uyun).haha.. what the such of memories i had.

but im must struggle to move own. let's the past is past and become a beautiful memories..i will miss that time when we studied together,make lecturer angry.haha.

with eka tulips..huhu

time hari sukan..

gile2 time..haha

majlis hari raya yg bosan..haha

waiting for the bus to beting..fuhh..

my good friend at uitm melang(kakak)miss u.hehe

time exam..huhu

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