Wednesday, September 21, 2011


long time no post ah?hope for you to still be with me blog.i wont give any excuses why im not commited because none of it matters .haha ,plus you know how inconsistent and lazy i am. so just get on with it.

do you still remember some of my last posts? ,it's all about sadness and loneliness and all type of heartbreaks.well,when i read it back just now,after nearly a month of noticed,.i find it really EMBARRASSING. it is this big ,this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggg of embarrassment.HAHA.

it is very annoying and crappy and unacceptably. i do know that i am my worse critic,and always im you why oftentimes i always so mean when i talk about me.

i mean,bragging too much about that is really childish .it shows how very dependable i am to my surrounding . (that did hit me just now) .

im sorry for making you look down on me ,im just human. seriously aku malu gila doe baca older post from this blog .haha ,sumpah malu . and to be continue with my last post ,still . .(tp im deleted..)haha

life now has been so much fine .new people new cases .i am now adapted to the situation . my new friends in pre dip are quite LANGSI .haha, and by that ,me the girl who easily terpengaruh, also become LANGSI in certain ways.haha ,i mean ,i talk like whooa now.i have many bestfriend and the others are girls despites how less boy are in my class.

im taking pre diplma in science ,maybe that's why.

it is really weird when you realise that how happier i am now than the first time.i did not plan this but i am now the uni student of that faculty and by that,you do know how huge responsibility it is to be put on my shoulder.,but maaayne,i know there's friends out there together supporting from behind.haha .

still got more days to count.

other than that . . i did applied for second intake of UPSI last day .first choice of courselah science and last one is bahasa inggeris.HAHA ,taktau la doe asal aku apply benda tu.this time i do not hope that much ,it is between afraid of too many hopes and how comfortable i feel now.but the real deal why i feel so hard to go is,my girl bestfriend, i know how it felt to be left out alone and i don't want to make her feel the same all because of me.but,daaaang .i dont know,the result pun not yet come out.chill la thing about me,always i think about the feeling of ones that i love when making a know how experience tells all.

okay, that's all for this post.thank you for still faithfully reading this blog.i'll keep on posting later on.but you also have to pray so that i won't be lazy no more.

take care : D

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